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Property Inventory Services

Making property inventory a breeze!

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We are based in SW16 London 

About Us

Who Are We.

The owner, Nicki is highly experienced in the industry, with a keen eye for detail as well as experience with all types of property. Having worked for many of the well known Estate Agents in the South West and South East areas of London.  

From Studios and apartments to luxury estates, we know that your home is important to you. We can help you manage the check in, mid term or the all important check out reports.  

All reports are completed using the latest technology. They are thoroughly compiled documents detailing each room, its contents and their condition. All supported by high resolution digital photos. Our reports are available to you within 24/48/72 hours.

We are based in South West London SW16 and we work across the London area. 

The bookings are open to Landlords, Estate Agents, and Tenants. 

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What service is right for you?


  • Property clerk will collect the keys and required paperwork from the Agency. 
  • Meet the Tenants at the property 
  • Go through the report with the tenants and collect a signature. 
  • Read the meters and answer any questions the tenants have on check in. 


  • Recording the condition of the property, together with any fixtures, fittings, contents, and decoration, 
  • Accurate meter readings are taken at start of tenancy 
  • All smoke alarms are noted, pictured and power tested.
  • Photos are taken of all sets of keys provided.
  • Signed agreement completed from the tenant to record the  condition at the ‘check-in.


  • Recording an update half way through the tenancy. 
  • Ensure there is no sub letting , no pets  and no smoking if all agreed at the beginning of the tenancy.
  • Checking for damp, leaks or any damage during the tenancy. 
  • Multiple photos are taken for this report for each room.  


  • Recording the condition of the property when the tenancy ends in order to identify what has changed.
  • Accurate Meter readings
  • Numerous photos for each room. 
  • Keys photographed and returned to agency 
  • Completed report and photos sent to the agency

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the small print


Service Terms & Conditions:

  • The rooms included in a standard report are: 1 kitchen, 1 lounge/living room, hallways, a relevant number of bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
  • Additional rooms considered as such: dining rooms, (through lounge/living/dining rooms will be counted as 2 rooms), extra bathrooms/shower rooms, landings, conservatories, cellars, gardens and furnished balconies and will be charged at an additional £10 per room.
  • We require 48 hours notice to cancel or postpone a planned visit.
  • NO extra fee for weekends or bank holidays 
  • NO parking and congestion fees applicable. 
  • Payment is payable on completion of the inventory inspection before the landlord, agent or the tenant receives the report. Exceptions only for corporate clients with established partnerships.
  • Reports can be e-mailed within 24/48/72 hours of the inspection.
  • The landlord/tenant will have seven days to make any requests for amendments/changes to this report and these amendments/changes will be noted in case they present the actual state and condition of the property. Such will be marked as landlord/tenant comments.
  • Payment is payable on completion of the inspection, before receipt of the report. 

Promotion Rules

  • 20% off promotion only applies to new customers and MUST be booked in September/October/November but can be completed by end of December 2019.
  • To qualify for the 20% off promotion you must book either a Inventory, Check in & Inventory combined or a Check out. This does not include check in, mid term or updates. 
  • Double up savings promotion must be booked for completion of a check in and inventory on the same day only. 

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